PAUWES Signs New Agreement with SOGERWHIT to Boost Capacity Building and Applied Research

In line with the strategic plan of the Pan African University for the years 2020-2024 and the action plan for 2023, PAUWES has entered into a new agreement with SOGERWHIT, a leading company in Algeria’s hydraulics industry. The partnership aims to strengthen the capacity-building efforts of PAUWES, particularly in the areas of master thesis supervision, internships, and applied research.

The agreement between PAUWES and SOGERWHIT is expected to contribute significantly to research efforts at the university, particularly as SOGERWHIT is one of the main drivers of hydraulics projects in Algeria. With its vision to incorporate renewable energies and other relevant technologies in the near future, SOGERWHIT is expected to provide valuable insights and resources to help advance research and innovation efforts at PAUWES.

The new partnership is a reflection of PAUWES’ commitment to strengthening its research and innovation capacity in order to promote sustainable development in Africa. By partnering with leading organizations like SOGERWHIT, PAUWES aims to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing that will help drive progress in key areas of development across the continent.

Overall, the new agreement between PAUWES and SOGERWHIT is a significant milestone in the university’s efforts to enhance its research and innovation capabilities. By working together, the two organizations are expected to make important contributions to the development of sustainable solutions that will help address some of the most pressing challenges facing Africa today.


30 April 2023

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