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Water and Energy Security in Africa – WESA

Sector      Water & Energy (Engineering and Policy)
Area         Algeria, Germany, Benin, Togo, Ghana
Period     1 Nov 2016 – 31 Dec 2019
Budget    Approx. 2,65 Mio €

The project aims to support the development of PAUWES by enhancing its research activities in water and energy sciences. The project focuses on the development of innovative scientific research methods, which are adapted to local contexts and applicable in the areas of water and energy security in Africa. It is the first step towards the realization of a research agenda at PAUWES and at the same time offers PAUWES graduates the opportunity to conduct PhD studies. Another important objective is to establish PAUWES as a Pan African (and beyond) hub/platform on the topic of Energy, Water and Climate Change.

Water Policy and Engineering
• Impact of land use change and climate change on water balance and sediment yield.
• Integrated water resource management in transboundary river basins.
• Integrated water resources management and improvement of basin functionalities.
Energy Policy and Engineering
• Design of hybrid power plant with policy and regulatory frameworks formulation for renewable energy intervention in Africa.
• Analysis of standards for energy distribution systems and disaster risk reduction.
• Managing the dynamics of electricity supply and demand during power shortages.
• Energy transition, technological and regulatory strategies for the deployment of renewable energies.
• Exploring the feasibility and potentialities of hydrogen production coupled with solar energy.

Key Activities and Events
• Support 8 PhD students at PAUWES to pursue doctoral studies in water and energy (Engineering and Policy) in collaboration with partners.
• Research and case studies
• Online and face-to-face events to strengthen cooperation with PAUWES and contribute to Agenda 2063 of the African Union.

Higher Education Partners
• Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES )
• The United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)
• University of Tlemcen
• The Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics
(ITT) at the TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)
• The Center for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn (UB)
Funding Partner
• German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

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Contact Info

Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences - PAUWES

c/o Tlemcen University, B.P. 119 | Pôle Chetouane, Tlemcen 13000


Email: info@pauwes.dz

M: +213 43 41 04 35

F: +213 43 41 04 99

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African Union Agenda 2063

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