Community of practice

Community of pratice

Community of practice

The PAUWES community of Practice (CoP) is an online social collaboration platform that connect PAUWES students and alumni as well as researchers, practitioners and private-sector actors from PAUWES’ large network. To get in touch with and explore new collaboration, access at an updated post job, internship, scholarship funding opportunities in water and energy, to discuss with PAUWES students on a relevant topic, and to organize an online event, join our community of Practice at

The PAUWES Community of Practice (CoP) is a network for PAUWES students to take advantage of their joint knowledge, resources and time.

The COP is composed of five groups:

  • Community Management Team
  • Career service team
  • Technical support team
  • Multimedia team
  • Editorial team

The COP has an online platform, which allows its members to:

  • Get access to the latest news in fields of research;
  • Get acquainted with relevant employers, organizations and research institutes;
  • Find out about vacancies for jobs, internships and master theses assignments;
  • Learn about events such as webinars and career fairs and register online.


Contact Info

Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences - PAUWES

c/o Tlemcen University, B.P. 119 | Pôle Chetouane, Tlemcen 13000



M: +213 43 41 04 35

F: +213 43 41 04 99

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