The 2019 Student Selection Committee at PAUWES

During the period between the 29th and the 31st of July 2019, the Pan African University, institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) PAUWES hosted the Student Selection Committee 2019.

The 2019 Student Selection Committee spent three (03) days reviewing more than 1318 applications in the four (04) Master programs that PAUWES offers (Energy Policy, Energy Engineering, Water Policy, Water Engineering) with a female ratio of 23%. This year student application saw a participation of 11 new countries (Guinea, Central Africa Republic, Morocco, South Sudan, Djibouti, Namibia, Libya, Gabon, South Africa, Lesotho and Angola).

Prof. Abdellatif Zerga, the PAUWES Director, started with a plenary session welcoming the esteemed committee members from all over the continent and highlighting the growth of PAUWES lead by the commitment of its staff. Also, the director thanked the professors and the high experts in Energy and Water that helps in building the quality at PAUWES to select the best students for the 6th cohort.

Prof. Abdellatif zerga reminded the committee about the mission of PAUWES as an institute that graduates students to help the African population to solve their problems, guidelines from AUC/HRST were presented to the committee to facilitate the selection process.

After two days, interviews were done with the selected applicants and results will be communicated very soon.



6 August 2019

8 responses on "The 2019 Student Selection Committee at PAUWES"

  1. good evening pauwes
    is it possible that a candidate who did not have an interview call could be selected at the end?

    I received an email telling me to wait for the final results but I did not receive a call for the interview

  2. Congrats PAUWES. With more South African countries coming on board including S. Africa, the whole face of Africa is now represented. A positive balanced impact.

  3. Some of the applicants were informed through e-mail to wait for interviews through either skpe or ordinary call between 30th and 31st of July but never got called. Based on the last statement of the above communication should we conclude that such applicants are already out of the final selection process?

  4. This is great. I only have one concern. I received an email detailing out the process of selection of students. Afterwards, I received another email informing me that my application was going to be reviewed by the selection committee and an interview will be during that period. I was encouraged to be reachable during that period which I did. But till now, I have not been contacted.
    My question now is, if applicants weren’t contacted, does that mean they weren’t pre-selected? And how soon can we expect the final selection results.

  5. Bonne nouvelle
    Qu’en est il de PAUGHSS?

  6. Bonne nouvelle
    Qu’en est-il de PAUGHSS ?

  7. where can i find out the list of selected students for master studies

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