The PAUWES Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club (PEIC) organized its first general meeting, 8th April 2019 to outline the club’s strategic plan and activities for the 2019/2020 academic year. The program was held at the PAUWES Energy Policy Class around 3:45 pm. In attendance at the meeting were officials of the PAUWES career service and entrepreneurship department. There was also a massive turnout of members. The Vice President in charge of Planning and Finance, Mr Joash who also doubled as MC for the program announced the program lineup for the meeting and then called upon the President, Mr Constant Kumanbu to present the action plan and activities for the 2019/2020 academic year to members. In all, twelve programs were outlined in a short PowerPoint presentation by the President as an embodiment of the club’s action plan and activities for the year. They include: designing Sprints training, displaying stories of successful entrepreneurs using the PAUWES screen, Designing of mobile App, Spirulina Lab Training , Competition of Students’ Business Ideas, (Pitch Deck), acquisition of Vender Machine, Partnership for Service Learning Project, Partnership with Maison d’éntrepreeuriatat, search for international competition on entrepreneurship, innovation and conference opportunities designing the club’s Newsletter, Hackathon-Research to Practice and finally Elections for the next coming cohort.

The presentation ended with applauds after which Mr. Fouad by acknowledging the relentless effort of the president and his team for coming out with the action plan. He reiterate the need for one to be an entrepreneur by creating something new for one’s self rather than waiting to be employed by others.

Dr Amazigh further commended the action plan and stated his office position to offer unflinching support to the club through the organization of workshops and training where experts will be invited to train students in the various strategies outline in the action plan. He spoke about the ‘design sprints and mobile app’ program and indicated that agreement have been signed with the sustainability institute for the training in May 2019. He also stressed on the need for the club to be impact oriented towards the ends.

Finally, student were given the platform to make some contributions on activities they deem vital to the programs outlined for the year. Mr. Claydon spoke about the need for the club to fully utilized its space on the CoP social media platform and encourage executives of PEIC post evens, opportunities and conferences on entrepreneurship on the App.

At this juncture, the program came to a close and the president expressed his warmest gratitude to all and sundry for devoting their time to attend the program

5 May 2019


  1. I really love the vision of the PEIC, very timely to transform Africa. Thanks for sharing..

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