PAUWES study tour 2021

PAUWES students in both Energy and Water tracks after achieving their 2 years Masters academic training, they did a study tour for a week ( from 4 to the 8 of April 2021) where they visited very known Algerian Infrastructure in Water and Energy sector.

The first day the Water students visited the SEOR ( Société de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement d’Oran- Entreprise de service publique -SPA) in Oran, where they learned how the station ensures a 24h water supplying in the region through seriousness and rigorousness of her teams. While the energy students visited the Shariket Kahraba wa Taket Moutadjadida, in Bellabes region leaded by the Water and Energy Coordinators Dr. Cherifa ABDELBAKI and Dr. Abdellah BENYOUCEF.

The second day, the direction was to the Entreprise Nationale Des Industries Electroniques E.N.I.E Solar and the  Desalination Station of  Beni Saf Water Company- SPA

The third day, the students were impressed by the visit that they did to the Office National de la Météorologie where they saw the importance of this unit for the agriculture and airport.

The tour was closed by a final twos visits to the Dam of Beni Bahdel and the Algerienne des Eaux of Bouhlou. the Director Professor Abdellatif ZERGA organised a buffet of local food varieties (Couscous, Lban, Dattes…) where he wished to all his students success in their respective careers.

This study tour was an opportunity to foster their knowledge and to some of the to secure their Research internships especially during this period of Covid-19 where the borders are closed and students cannot travel.

This diverse learning environment of PAUWES is producing graduates with a Pan-African mindset infused with multi-disciplinary competences which are vital traits in achieving political, social & economic integration of the continent.

13 April 2021

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